Meat-eater say what?


Some stupid comments people have made about being vegetarian and why they are stupid.

Recently I stumbled across a poll on asking, “Should people go vegetarian for ethical reasons?” 33% of people said yes and 67% of people said no, which is all fair and well as I expect people to respect my decisions so therefore I respect theirs as well. The thing that interested me was the reasons people said no. I thought they lacked substance and were verging on the point of ignorance. Here are some that I disagree with and why. This is by no means aimed towards all meat-eaters as it is completely your choice.

Why should I die from malnutrition?

I hate these Peta Elitist. I AM A TRUCKER. I NEED MEAT. I feel bad for doing so, But I eat veggies with my food! I am a Omnivore. I eat Vegetables and Meat. I am NOT a Whack-Job who thinks animals are more important than humans! After 1 year, you feel like you are about to die of hunger because vegetables don’t make you feel full! I eat veggies. So I am no monster for eating meat.

Firstly, “die from malnutrition”? Really? This is just the epitome of poor research. It is very easy to stay healthy while being a vegetarian and to get all your proper nutrients. There is even research that it will make you healthier; I touched on this in my post Healthy as a Horse. If this trucker “feels bad” for eating meat, then why does he do it? His health reasons are easily debunked. His other comment about being hungry is also just completely ridiculous, vegetarians don’t only eat vegetables. They can eat bread, pasta, pizza and everything like that. Also there are many tasty meat substitutes, which are made from vegetables but don’t taste like they are, that are just as filling as real meat.



No they should not.

People should be vegetarian for their own choices, not because some view it as more ethical. It is there choice to eat or not to eat meat, and no one should be judged or shamed for it, just let people be whoever they want to be. Not one choice is better then the other since both have draw backs.

I agree with most of this quote but would just like to say that believing it is unethical to eat meat is also a view and a personal choice. Just saying.

Vegan/Vegetarian for health reasons trumps ethical reasons

From a Judeo-Christian view, animals were created to provide sustenance for workers. In ancient times, farmers needed protein. Even though you can get protein from a vegetarian diet, it’s also important to know that from an “American Christian” view, it is ethical to eat animals. Having said that, treating animals kindly does create better karma.

I completely respect this man’s view. He has actual beliefs that are grounded in his religion which I think is great. My only little gripe with this is the karma thing. If treating animals kindly creates better karma then shouldn’t not paying for them to be slaughtered in factory farms and then eating them create the best karma of all?

Not all animals are morally equivalent

I think it’s ridiculous when people say things like “eating animals is bad”. This so obviously depends on the animal. I might agree that eating pigs is unethical, maybe even cows. But yeast is also an animal, and it is obviously not immoral to eat yeast. I think that we might need to evaluate the morality of eating certain species, but others, like turkeys and chickens, are, I believe, ok to eat.

I don’t know who this guy thinks he is to be able to class animals on a scale of eatable to not eatable, but apparently he can. I think it is silly that he thinks some animals are more important than others especially since he has no facts to prove it. I’m guessing it is because birds don’t seem as intelligent as other animals but The Telegraph says that chickens could even be ‘cleverer than toddlers’. The yeast thing I don’t even know if I should bother addressing. Yeast is a fungi. Yes, it is a single celled living organism but it has no central nervous system (meaning it feels no pain), has no emotions and is no more of an animal than a mushroom (which is in the same fungi class). As famous philosopher Jeremy Bentham once said, “The question is not, ‘can they reason?’ nor, ‘can they talk?’ but, ‘can they suffer?’

No there are no ethical reason

 A plant is as much of a living being as a cow or a pig might be.
There are no ethical reason to be a vegetarian eating a living thing is eating a living thing.
A plant is a living thing that to a small degree has intelligence and feelings.
To say that people who trade one living thing for another makes no sense.

Plants are alive but just like my yeast argument and my Jeremy Bentham quote, they do not suffer or feel pain.

This post was a bit of a whiny rant but I just don’t understand how people can be so contradictory and make such definite points without even having done proper research. Again, I’ll say that this is not aimed at anyone except the specific people who made these posts. I do believe there are good reasons to eat meat and see it as a personal choice. I have had a few debates with people where they have made me understand it from their side and honestly I see no problem with them eating meat. People who eat meat for non-existent reasons though, just annoy me.

P.S. Sorry for all the spelling and grammar mistakes in their posts, I thought it would be unethical for me to fix them on their behalf (see what I did there).



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