Famous Veggies

8459344536_b9a60db28a_zPeople from all over the world and all walks of life are vegetarian. While it may not be the most popular diet of choice, there’s still a plethora of famous and influential individuals that have chosen to take the route of being vegetarian. These people  are also unintentional tools in disproving a lot of arguments that meat eating enthusiasts tend to raise. We all know the defaults; “being vegetarian won’t help you build muscle”, “being vegetarian is a stupid decision”, and so forth, and so on.

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Food For Thought


Today I’m going to talk a bit about the ethical reasons to go vegetarian. I went vegetarian for ethical reasons, personally, so this is a reason that is very close to my heart. I believe all animals are equal to humans and even if they weren’t, it would then seem even worse that we kill them to eat them as that is just taking advantage of them. Continue reading

Read this right meow!

keira_1-150x2009paddy11-150x200BOBBIE-150x200                      In this post I am going to address an issue that has been bothering me a lot lately and I believe needs some attention drawn to it- PET ADOPTION. While adopting an animal has nothing to do with vegetarianism, I would think that if you are vegetarian for ethical reasons then an issue that should concern you is the lives of domestic animals. Continue reading

Healthy as a Horse

ImageWe all understand the benefits of eating and living healthy, and a lot of us try our best to follow a healthy lifestyle, whether it be in the form of a new year’s resolution or doctor’s orders. Never-the-less, we all fall off the wagon when it comes to our favourite delicacies or just purely out of convenience. It appears that healthy living has become the latest trend amongst us lately and it’s actually extremely easy to switch to a healthier eating plan.

“But how?”

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Go Green or Go Home


So, this past weekend it was Earth Hour. On March 29th at 20:30, people all over South Africa and the globe put off their lights for an hour. This is an initiative started by WWF to save a little electricity and thus save a little of our earth. This simple act helps contribute to stopping climate change and creating a sustainable future for all. This is a great initiative that is catching on like wild fire across the globe and this year Cape Town was lucky enough to be crowned the Global Earth Hour Capital of 2014.

Another simple way to help the environment by doing something small is to indulge in Meat-Free Mondays (MFM). Meat-Free Mondays simply involves not eating any meat on Monday (as the title pretty much explains). Also, if you want to make a bigger change, switch to a vegetarian diet and let your non-meat eating self remain in a constant state of helping the earth. Being vegetarian is not only about saving animals, but also has a huge positive impact on saving the environment and creating sustainability.

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Different Meats for Different Peeps

So there are many different ways to keep all the pigs, and other animals for that matter, of the world happy. This is mainly by converting to one of the “-arians” that have started up over the years. I’m just going to go into a quick over view of each different type so people can learn to understand the difference and also hopefully find the one that suits them, their lifestyle and their beliefs best.

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