Go Green or Go Home


So, this past weekend it was Earth Hour. On March 29th at 20:30, people all over South Africa and the globe put off their lights for an hour. This is an initiative started by WWF to save a little electricity and thus save a little of our earth. This simple act helps contribute to stopping climate change and creating a sustainable future for all. This is a great initiative that is catching on like wild fire across the globe and this year Cape Town was lucky enough to be crowned the Global Earth Hour Capital of 2014.

Another simple way to help the environment by doing something small is to indulge in Meat-Free Mondays (MFM). Meat-Free Mondays simply involves not eating any meat on Monday (as the title pretty much explains). Also, if you want to make a bigger change, switch to a vegetarian diet and let your non-meat eating self remain in a constant state of helping the earth. Being vegetarian is not only about saving animals, but also has a huge positive impact on saving the environment and creating sustainability.

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