Famous Veggies

8459344536_b9a60db28a_zPeople from all over the world and all walks of life are vegetarian. While it may not be the most popular diet of choice, there’s still a plethora of famous and influential individuals that have chosen to take the route of being vegetarian. These people  are also unintentional tools in disproving a lot of arguments that meat eating enthusiasts tend to raise. We all know the defaults; “being vegetarian won’t help you build muscle”, “being vegetarian is a stupid decision”, and so forth, and so on.

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The Lucky Lucy Foundation, where every pet counts


 Sigmund Noels and Fluffy at Bark in the Park

The Lucky Lucy Foundation is a non-profit animal welfare centre. The Lucky Lucy Foundation got started in 2010 after the founders came across a pregnant dog tied to a railway line. They rescued her and named her Lucy. The lucky part was soon added on as she survived this tragic incident with only having to have one leg amputated. The founders then decided that they would dedicate their lives to helping other animals who needed it.

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Food For Thought


Today I’m going to talk a bit about the ethical reasons to go vegetarian. I went vegetarian for ethical reasons, personally, so this is a reason that is very close to my heart. I believe all animals are equal to humans and even if they weren’t, it would then seem even worse that we kill them to eat them as that is just taking advantage of them. Continue reading

Read this right meow!

keira_1-150x2009paddy11-150x200BOBBIE-150x200                      In this post I am going to address an issue that has been bothering me a lot lately and I believe needs some attention drawn to it- PET ADOPTION. While adopting an animal has nothing to do with vegetarianism, I would think that if you are vegetarian for ethical reasons then an issue that should concern you is the lives of domestic animals. Continue reading